Saturday, May 30, 2009

Multi Generational Living

The Amish have a good thing going as far as the multi generational living arrangements. I have seen it work well in other families many times. Today, I got a small taste of it here. Joshua needed help at work today and asked his Dad to help him. So, they went off to take care of the job and Brittany stayed here with me. I had a lot to get done today and a lot more that needed to get done.

I had to bake bread. We were down to the end of a loaf that might have made 3 slices if they were sliced thin. I also had 10 gallons of milk in the refrigerator. We are getting another calf this weekend to help use up the excess milk. I did not want this to go to waste, so I needed to deal with at least part of it. I made butter and cheese. I also needed to get my cabbage planted.

I put the grain in the mill and started it. I got stuff ready to begin making bread. Then I started bringing in the milk and skimming the cream before pouring it into a big pot for the cheese. I had my hands full with what I was doing. Brittany went out and planted my cabbage for me. What a blessing that was. When the milk for the cheese was ready I poured the vinegar in and stirred. I have a hernia and I am not to lift heavy things. So, Brittany carried the big pot of milk to the sink and helped me to drain it.

It is such a blessing to have them around to help and to be able to help them out as well. I am looking forward to more of this with future generations.

Here is the cheese draining.

Here is the butter doing a bit of draining before I work it.

Here is my bread fresh out of the oven. The front loaf is cinnamon raisin bread. I put one loaf's worth of dough in the fridge for our pizza dough for tonight. Thank you Lord for the blessing and strength to do these tasks.


The K. Family said...

Hi! Got any good butter making tips? Although we've made it quite a few times I still don't really feel like I have it down yet.

Boysaplenty!! said...

Isn't rewarding to see the fruit of you labor at the end of the day? Everything looks delicious! Wish I could taste that butter and cheese. It IS good to have family/friends to help on another! You are truly blessed!

Sharri said...

all of the fruit of your hands looks fabulous!

That Brittany sure is a blessing!
I am with you...I love everything about multigenerational living, thanks for sharing about it in this post!

Teresa said...

Hi, Marci!
Sorry that I haven't stopped in for awhile (getting too busy here, must slow down!)
I, too, would love to hear your butter-making tips. It's always good to compare notes when trying to keep farm skills alive.
I LOVE your new header photo!
Hugs to you,