Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bits of This and That!!

Well, my whole schedule is off. :) There has been a lot of things going on to throw me off. All of it good stuff though. We have Brad here for 2 weeks, Michael had Friday and Monday off and other assorted things. I did not do my Count Your Blessing Monday post and I have not been posting as regular as normal. So, I will try and play catch up.

On Sunday after our fellowship time, we went to my brother's house for an impromptu party. His oldest son was in town and they wanted everyone to have a chance to get to see him. My Dad and Alice are also up here, so we were able to see them and my three brothers who live up here. When we got home the Wonderful Neighbor boys were fishing in the pond. So, Brad went to join them. Pretty soon Mr. Wonderful Neighbor and the WN girl came over. The youngest WN boy caught over 30 fish in our pond. Mr. WN and the girl came up and started talking to us. Then because she had no idea where her family was, Mrs. WN came over and brought the little girlie. We sat outside and the children were playing kick the can and old gray wolf. It got chilly, so we sensible ones went inside. :) Then it got to be late and no one had eaten, so Michael volunteered to make pancakes. So, we had dinner and enjoyed the evening together. Brad had made me a video several years ago showing his house and neighborhood. He wanted to show his new buddies. We had a good time.

Then on Monday we got some doors painted that we wanted done. Brad tore apart what was left of an old movable chicken pen out in the pasture and made a huge mountain of junk on our haywagon so we can get rid of it. I had orders to get together and take to be mailed. I am sure we did more, but it is not coming to my brain at the moment. :)

Yesterday, Brad painted all the honey supers that we had. I had some new items to put up on my store sight (see pictures below). Then in the evening, the WN men and boys (eventually the girl too) came and helped us move the sheep to the new pasture and also catch the lambs. We were going to band the ram lambs, but they are still too small yet. We will have to try again in a week or two. I did get a couple of pictures. One is of Josiah holding Josiah and another one of Kyle holding Kyle.

Here are a the new products that I put up in the store. I added more new items last week. I now carry the Victorio Strainer and Peeler. I also have a flaker mill which are hard to find now days. I added some canning kits and jar lifters too.

Here is some of the new books I added. If you click on the picture it will take you to the page to tell you more about them.

This book is adorable. I loved the story and the pictures. The second picture is an open page from the book.

This is a cute set. You get the Little Golden Book (one of the older classics) The Fuzzy Duckling, plus an adorable onesie with ducks on it.

This is a huge book just full of neat things. There are lots of flip up doors through out the book. The second and third pictures are open pages from this book.

This one is a really good book about a true farm. It is about the oldest family farm in the USA. It is very informative, yet a good read. The second picture is an open page from this book.

You should head on over the General Store and see what all we carry!!!

Today, Brad stacked firewood under the shed roof and cut some grass. He is also making a tray under the hay rack out in our sheep shed.

My sweet Daughter-in-love has a new blog. You will have to check it out here!!

Hopefully by next week, I will be back to normal blogging. :)


MHf said...

Gee whiz!! What a whirlwind of activity. Sounds like you had good times with friends and family, though. Cute little critters, too.

Sharri said...

You sure have been busy!

All of the pictures of the kids and their namesakes are great!

Looks like you are carrying some really neat stuff in your store! :)

Nancy said...

Great update! Thankyou. I sure hope the neighbors are going with you if you move! (And your son and daughter-in-love of course!) Now I'm heading over to the new blog and to your store to check out the new stuff!

The Stricklands said...

You have been busy sweet girl! I love even the busy weeks when they are full of precious family and friends. Have a wonderful weekend (and take a nap!).