Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hearts & Flowers & Egg!!

The first picture of the Bleeding Heart flowers is a good one to click on and make large. You can see the different sizes all in one shot. The next 2 pictures are of the ones I have been showing you already.

This tree blooms each Spring and I always wonder what it is. This picture does not do it justice. It is ORANGE.... flaming Orange in real life.

The last nest in my bluebird box ended up being a Starling. This is a totally different kind of nest and the egg is smaller (I think). We shall see.

This next section was better written about without pictures. :) Do you have dogs? Do you live in the country? What sort of lawn ornaments do you have? I was outside taking the above pictures. I found a large bone that was probably one we gave them when we cut up a steak to cook for fajitas. There was a piece of a deer jaw bone with some teeth on it. A partially eaten baby groundhog with insides showing clearly. This is a favorite snack of my dogs. There was also a dead bird that one of the dogs got in the barn the other day. There was a red feather probably from a cardinal that the cat caught and ate. I really fuss at him when I see him stalking birds. I think that is all for this time. What is in your yard?

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Anonymous said...

A dead tractor, a dead lawn mower, the remains of a dead trailer, a dead pop up camper, a dead toilet, um.....that's about it for the wonderful neighbor's yard. See, we're not so wonderful after all (smile).

the trailer trash next door.