Friday, May 08, 2009

REAL Farm Life

We tried to share with Brad a taste of REAL farm life. Hearing him talk reminded me of our son when he was that age. They are thinking of all the equipment they are going to have when they run THEIR farm. However, if you have lots of equipment as a farmer, then you usually have lots of debt as well. We cobble many things together or make do with our own substitutions. :) Here is an example.

We hope to one day have an egg mobile or mobile chicken coop. You follow the cows with the chickens and they are the best manure spreaders there are. Until then, we do things like the above video. That is how real farming is for us. As long as we still have debt, Michael has to work off the farm and we can't do all that we want. If you are thinking about homesteading or farming, start saving and be debt free if at all possible.

Brad and his family visited us 7 years ago to look at our area of the country as a possible place to live. Here is a picture of Brad then, with our dog, Star and then one of him from this trip with Star. :)

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