Monday, May 18, 2009

This And That

It is amazing how much time a small calf can take. :) Normally, we don't have to worry much, but this one likes to go out under the fence. I hear the dogs bark and have to go look. I was talking to Ginny on the phone and the dogs barked. I looked out the door and saw Buttercup standing by the fence looking over. I had to tell Ginny bye and go find him. The calf was out wandering around. I ended up standing on the fence and herding him back in. Then I had to make the fence a bit lower. He went over and stood by Momma and then came back over to check out the fence. He got popped on his wee little nose. I hope he stays in now. I have had to go check several times. When I went out to find him the last time, I took my camera. Here is the view of my house as you come around the curve on the driveway.

I found the little calf out laying in the grass. He was snoozing pretty good.

I had tried to give him a bottle this morning and he wasn't interested. We put him inside a chain link dog kennel for the night so nothing could get him. This allowed Buttercup to go out and eat if she wanted to or be near him if she wanted. I thought he would be really hungry this morning. I could not get him to take the bottle. He took a couple of sips, but did not seem interested. Then I started wondering if he was OK. I let him out of the kennel and he began romping, so I figured I would try later. When I went out, he was still not interested and rolled over and laid there really funny looking. I got him up on his feet and guided him over to Buttercup. I helped him find a teat and latch on to it. Then she moved and he let go. I stepped back to watch and I did see him latch on 2 more times and nurse, so I just took the bottle back to the house with me.

On the way back, I stopped to check on the baby apples.

Here is the little buds on the Bleeding Heart. They are starting to look like little hearts with a drop hanging off of them. I don't know if you can see it in this picture or not, but the white stripe on the drop part has a shiny part to it that looks like glitter.

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Sharri said...

The farm looks so peaceful and beautiful!
The calf is darling, but I hope he learns to stay put soon, and to nurse on his own! :)