Friday, May 29, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I took some pictures of my herb garden. It is not very big, but I am glad to have what I do have. The plants right in front of it are weeds. :) Guess I need to do some tugging.

This is not in the herb bed, but on the side of my house. It is one of my two comfrey plants. I have dug this one up and given it away a bunch of times and it comes back every year. So, I am going to take advantage of it. I feed the leaves to the animals a lot as well. We have a chicken with a head wound (he is henpecked :) ). I gave him some leaves several days in a row.

This is my dill. I am hoping I get enough heads on it for my pickles. The last two years, my dill was not big enough at pickle time and I had to buy some.

I have already picked my chives several times. I cut them up fresh for a baked potato topping.

This is my fennel. I thought the one from last year had died, so I bought another. Then the darker one you see at the bottom of the picture came up. The flowers in the top left corner are chamomile.

This is the chamomile. I need to get out there and get the flowers picked.

This is our cilantro. It is wonderful in fresh salsa. We have many times used dried cilantro in salsa and it sort of tastes like soapsuds to me. Fresh is really good though.

This is the yarrow. You can't kill this stuff. :)

This is lemon balm. It makes a wonderful tea.

Here is a picture of our garden or at least part of it. This picture was taken a couple of days ago. Off to the right is the asparagus and on the right of it, I have peas, beets and potatoes. We have our peppers and tomatoes planted as well. Michael put in 3 rows of corn. We are getting a little bit done at a time.

This is the ferns on the side of the house. I love their color in the springtime.

The Spiderwort plant has started blooming. This bloom was way down in the greenery.

My bleeding heart is doing really well this year. I love to see it.

This is new flower for us. It is called a Gazenia.

Here is another one.

This is the body of an old wringer washer. It is a planter at our house.

I love how clear this picture came out. It is the desktop on our computer right now.

While we were out planting peppers, I looked up at the sky behind me and saw this.

This was the sky a couple of evenings ago. I love the way the sun lights up the edges of the clouds.

Here are some of our broilers. They are now 7 weeks old. One more week to go.

The pasture is doing well right now. We are in need of rain soon though.

Another sky picture.


LadySnow said...

Your garden looks great! Hope mine does well this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!! Ohio is such a beautiful place to live!

I especially like the ones of the bleeding hearts. They are so pretty! We found one with white flowers this morning on our way to a friends house.

~Karen in Ohio

The Stricklands said...

Thank you for sharing what is happening at your home. My herbs are doing well this year. I think the soil we mixed up for the square foot gardening helped. Last year my garden was pretty pitiful :) I am still hoping someday to live on a farm, but we are loving that larger lot we have now. Plenty of room for children, dogs and garden. Have a wonderful weekend sweet Marci!

Sharri said...

Wait til Brad sees how big those chicks got since he was there! Wow!

That new flower you got is lovely--very unusual looking. reminds me of a dahlia.

Your garden and farm are lovely. You are blessed!