Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Heart Of Texas - the movie

We watched a movie tonight that I just had to tell you about. It is called "The Heart of Texas." It is a true story that is almost unbelievable. It shows forgiveness in a way that most of us will never see. It shows how God can take things that happen and use them to reach a whole lot of people and bring them together. People who you don't normally think of being together. It is an incredible movie and we (Michael and I) highly recommend you watching it. If you click on the image above, it takes you to their website. We get nothing from this, but really want you to be sure and see it. We need to see more of this in our nation!!!


Sharon said...

We ordered this a few weeks ago and watched it and LOVED it! I've sent it to a friend in OH to watch it and they loved it too. Now they are going to buy some to give as gifts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for recommending this amazing movie!!!