Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Farm Life News

Ginny from R and V Farmstead stopped by to pick up a couple of things. She wanted to see the calf. We had to go find him in the tall grass. She was lovin' on him.

He is a little cutey. I gave him a bottle before locking him up for the night. He took the whole thing. So, then I wondered if he was nursing or not. This morning, I went out with a bottle and he took the whole thing and I figured that I was going to have to just bottle feed him. I let him out and went around to get Buttercup some alfalfa cubes. I came back and he was latched on finishing breakfast. :) I guess I don't have to worry.
The two cows in the background are both daughters of Buttercup. They don't like it that they are separated from her. They saw her out and came running as close as they could.

I love this picture of the little guy.

She is and always has been a good Momma. You can see our two movable chicken pens in the background.

When I was out searching for the calf yesterday, I heard a pitiful little sound. I found this guy all by himself. Sigh.... We already have the one male cat and that is all we need. I may give this guy to Brittany for her birthday!! :)

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LadySnow said...

Not until she is out of the apartment first! lol.....Ginny just loves to "love" on animals. :-)