Friday, May 01, 2009

We Went to Lehman's Today.

We took Brad to Lehman's today. He has never been there. We took lots of pictures at his Mom's request. Here he is outside little Lehman's in Mt. Hope.

This is inside the entrance to Big Lehman's in Kidron.

Brad and Mr. Lehman got to be good buds.

Here is Brad touching things. :) You can't take him anywhere.

They have lots of books.

Brad acted up and they put him in jail for a bit.

Here is Brad among the toys and signs.

Here is Brad showing off the rather large ice cream maker. :)

This is inside the large new entrance.

Brad showing off my stove I have wanted for 12 years.
Brad resting at Lehman's.

Brad was wanting his photo made on this piece of equipment.


LadySnow said...

So jealous. I have been wanting to go to Lehman's for a long time....but with three small children...not a good idea. :-)

Lynn Bartlett said...

If I come and visit you some time, will you take me to Lehman's, too?

The K. Family said...

That's someplace I'd love to go someday as well. Good thing there's catalogs and e-stores!

Anonymous said...

How fun, we go there every once in awhile!