Saturday, May 30, 2009

Calf on the Lam....

I think I am going to pick the name Houdini for the little calf. He gets out and enjoys his outings. :) I have some videos that show his escapades. Last night when Michael got Buttercup out to milk, he snuck out. He visited the sheep, chased Belle and just generally had a great time. Enjoy!! We are getting a little calf to be his buddy. I will pick from the other names for him.

Here he comes running back again. He scares Belle. She is not sure what to do with him. We were saying last night that she is supposed to be cow dog, but is a coward dog. :)

In this next video if you look off in the background, you will see the Wonderful Neighbor children playing in their yard. :)

He had to go and check out each new thing that moved. Here he saw the cat on the picnic table bench.

There are now six eggs in the bluebird nest. Does anyone know if this is unusual or not?
These are the blackberry blossoms. Looks like we will have a bumper crop this year. The birds planted all of these, but Michael pruned them for the first time this year.
Here is one of our little apples growing, but there is something happening to the tree.
There are dead leaves all over the tree. Any clues as to what is causing it?
I did find this little guy on the leaves. He is no longer with us. :) Is he the cause?

Here are some pictures of an incoming front last night. We only got a little sprinkle out of it.

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Sharri said...

That Houdini sure is living up to his name isn't he!? (I thought the cat was going to scratch him!) LOL He really is adorable though.