Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Days

We have had some busy days on the farm. Michael worked VERY hard in the hot sun this weekend doing all sorts of stuff. He also did some bush hogging which is what you see him doing in the picture below. On Monday night we were both so tired and sore (he did WAY more than I did and more of his was outside) we sat down across from each other to talk and we both fell asleep in our chairs. :)

Well, we have bluebird eggs in our bluebird house. It is up to 4 eggs now. The second picture is where I was playing with a photo program. :)

We got the garden tilled and some plastic laid down. Michael got much of the garden tilled. He planted his favorite mirai corn too. The WN boy made me another raised bed. We just need to add dirt to it. I will be putting flowers in it.

There have been 2 robins fighting on and off in my garden. I wonder if one of them is the one that fought with my window. :) Poor guy.

My herb garden is doing wonderful. I need to get some picked and hang them to dry, so that more will grow. I will try and get a picture or 2 of it, before I pick.

We are drinking the milk now. I can't wait to make some butter. We got some butter on sale from a local place and it tastes weird. I don't want to waste it though.

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Faith said...

I have friends involved in the vision forum as well. They all loved the big treasure hunt a couple of years ago. Funny, I'd never heard of it before. Out of the loop, I guess. ;)

I so love making my own butter. Enjoy!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It's always so crazy busy on the farm...I hear ya! Hard work but oh so rewarding.