Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Farm News

Michael and Joshua's job ended up being bigger than they thought. They were not going to get home until late. Brittany and I went out and moved the chicken pens together. She filled the water and I filled the food. Then we milked the cow together. I did about 1/4 of the milking. She is truly a good milker. We only milk Buttercup once a day and right now the calf is on her. We got over 4 gallons of milk out of her. I strained the milk and washed the buckets while she took the cow back and turned the fence back on. Then we went out back and did chores together as well. It was fun having her with me and she was a BIG help. Michael was so pleased when he got home and all of his chores were done. They did not get home until 9PM.

Earlier, I saw Brittany sitting out in the grass with her kitten, Patsy. I let the dogs out and wanted to get a picture of them. Belle wouldn't stay close to her at first and kept rolling onto her back. Star rolled on to her back several times, but I was able to make her get upright. Then we laughed because when I walked back over to the front door, the cat rolled over on his back.


Sharri said...

What a lovely blessing your daughter in love is!

How did she choose the name Patsy for her kitty?

Wow, 4 gallons sure seems like alot of milk for once a day--plus the calf is nursing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marci,
How nice to have Brittany with you to spend the time together. It is also nice to see pictures of her. Please tell her we said hello.

Anonymous said...

Your Daughter in Love is so precious and I can tell you love her so much. How blessed you are!I love her and that wee little kitten....