Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's A Boy!!!

Well, I had my heart set on a little honey colored heifer. Last time I had the same wish. I got the heifer, but she was spotted. This time I got the honey color, but it is a bull. :) He is still a cutey though. We could tell that it would be soon, but it did not look like much was happening. We went in and came out to check in about 10 to 15 mins. and she had already had him. Here are a couple of pictures of him all wet and just minutes old. She is cleaning him off.

With all the fluids it was getting muddy outside. Michael picked the calf up and carried him inside. Buttercup stuck right with him, still licking away at her baby. Just look at that udder... poor girl!!!

He is still pretty dark in these pictures. He got much lighter as he dried off. Look at those big eyes.

Here he is a new born trying to stand up. I love to watch them wobble and flop as they try to stand. He almost got up a couple of times and Momma's licking knocked him over.

She is a good Momma. This is at least the 8th calf she has given us. She is either 13 almost 14 or right at 14.

Star was grinning at the calf and so I had to include her in the pictures. :)

You can tell he is a little bit lighter here.

Here is a video of the calf when he was just minutes old.


Nancy said...

Remarkable. Always absolutely amazing.

Faith said...


She's beautiful and he's li'l cutie pie.


The Dearborns said...

Awww! My goodness, this is making me tear up and I have no idea why. It's so beatiful, and making me miss the dairy!