Friday, May 15, 2009

More on Trees

A few days ago, I put up some pictures of a small tree and the unique way it was budding out. I went back out there today to check on it. I believe it is a Shellbark Hickory. I know it is a Hickory for sure. Here is a link that shows pictures of the terminal bud of a Shellbark Hickory and that is exactly how this one looked.

I also took another picture of the Oak leaves forming. They are so tiny and perfect. Who could deny a Creator while seeing something like this.

Here are some baby apples on our Apple Tree. I think this tree is a Macintosh.

Buttercup is due to calve today. I have been out to check on her twice. Her udder is HUGE and she has some beginning signs. I will try to get some pictures and keep you posted.

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LadySnow said...

Beautiful pictures Marci. thanks again for sharing with us. :-)