Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Romper Room - Bovine Style

I love watching calves romp and play. They are so gangly and energetic. :)

Brittany came over today to do her laundry. We went out to check on the calf. See how well he hides? We were very close to where he was, and this is all you could see.

He picked his head up and I stepped around a bit closer. :)

Here is Brittany with the kitten. She didn't mind holding it.

I love to see clothes hanging on the line.


Perri said...

I love the glimpses of farm life I can share with my family that we see through your blog.

Have a great day.

LadySnow said...

Yeah...and I still can't believe I told her she could keep it in the apartment! lol....it's all your fault Marci. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci!

I hope you got my husband's e-mail last night about the e-mail being spam. We were in SC visiting family when it happened. We think that someone accessed our e-mail when I checked it while at their house. We changed our password and are hoping that's the last we hear of this. I'm sorry this happened. :-(

I kepp hoping somehow we'll meet up, but so far it hasn't happened. We won't be at the violin/piano recital this year, so maybe sometime we could meet up?

Have a great day, Marci. I love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. I have a bloglines account, so I read and look at pictures through that.


Faith said...

When I see animals play, I know the side of God that is playful and filled with good fun.

Lovely pictures!


Sharri said...

I loved watching the calf romp--he's so cute!

I see you have at least one kitty lover in that family of yours! :)

-Brad- said...

is that cat had been there when i was I might have tried to fit it in my bags! ;)