Sunday, May 24, 2009

Part of our Weekend

Here is a picture of Josh and Britt milking the cow. They get to take the milk home when they do the milking. Plus, it gives Michael a break from milking.

We went to my brother's house for a bit today. He is truly a kid at heart. They had a huge campout at their place. There were all sorts of things going on. When we got there, they were having a fishing tournament down by the pond.

This is looking back up toward the house and barn. The long thing coming down the hill is a home made slip and slide. They had a pump that pumped water up to the top and sent it down the plastic that my brother had laid down.

There is this dock and the pole you see in the background is a telephone pole with a rope attached. You can swing out into the pond and drop.

Here is another view of the slip and slide.

Here is a video of someone going down the slide. :)


Faith said...

Way cool fun!


LadySnow said...

Looks like a lot of fun. :-)

Sharri said...

That is a jumbo version of the slide we have at camp.
It's alot of fun!

Hope you had a great day. :)

The Dearborns said...

That slip and slide looks AMAZING! One of my favorite things when growing up! :)

D said...

The kind of fun all children should be able to have.
Looks like great fun!