Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Don't Know What You Are Missin'!!!

I could almost feel sorry for you. However, I am sure that God has blessed you in ways too. I have actually had kind of a blue week. I am getting old. =) This empty nest that is creeping up on me is weighing on my mind. I really know that it is the next step in my path and that God will give me grace to walk in it. Or should I say my head knows that, but my heart has not come in line with that yet. I was the girl who was going to get married and have 12 babies. I was graciously given one through adoption to raise up. I am grateful. I would just like there to be a few more around here to continue to raise up. =) Anway, back to the blessing. I went and looked out my back door after dinner and then ran to get my camera. The lambs were having a ball out there. I think that I did catch some good hops and jumps in this one. Enjoy!!


Kelly said...

That is really cute! Yesterday we went to pick up a wheel barrow from a man that had put up an ad. He had a little plot of land next to his house and I asked him if he kept animals. He said he did. Of all the animals he could have had he had sheep! He asked if I wanted to see them. I said I did indeed! They were so cute! I apreciated being able to see them in real life!

Pearl said...

Hey Marci,
I am praying for you as you walk through this life change. I know how you feel. Kim

LadySnow said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That is a good video! They looked like I feel, but I can't express it like that anymore.

Perri said...

Marci - sounds like you need to be some foster care. That will get rid of those blues.

And if you don't want to do it for kids, look into animals. My friend does foster care for the humane society - when they have unusual animals or too many. Very interesting.

Of course you could always adopt some more :)

Worked for me.

Peggy said...

I just love watching baby animals exploring and learning new tricks! Have a great weekend