Friday, April 04, 2008

Sheep and Chickens

I went out to do my chores this morning. I guess a couple of the chickens were on their way to the front yard. They know that I do not want them in the front yard and that I send them on their merry way. Well, they heard me coming and they took off running for the back. The sheep also saw me and came running toward the shed. I tried to get them on film as they ran, but I had to stop to shoot the film and when I stopped, so did they. =) You can really hear the wind blowing in the video. Don't forget to turn the music off in the sidebar.

Once I got in the shed, there was a line for the crate used as a nest box in there. They have a lovely 8 hole nest box in their coop, but many of them prefer to lay here. You can see it below the chicken. Well, the one on the nest went right and this one went left. Man, were they cussin' at me. Some of them know that I will not mess with them and they just sit there and let me go about my business. Today, they were not happy with me. You can hear the sheep lowing at me in this one.

I tried to show you all 3 chickens. You can see the last one out door of the sheep pen. The sheep were trying to tell me to forget the chickens and throw them some hay!!

The daffodils are trying to make up for lost time or something. They are really blooming.

Notice the green starting. YIPPEE!!!! We have been waiting for pasture to grow. We have had to buy hay this year and because of the drought it is not cheap.

This is my front yard. Can you tell it rained last night? =)

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Unknown said...

LOL! Those chickens are funny. But, you didn't have to remind me to turn the music off. I would remember THAT!!! ;-)