Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Waste Not... =)

Someone had sent me a list of things you can do to cut down on waste around your house. One of the ideas sounded really good to me. It is not a big problem we have in our house, but when we have large families come to visit, this little trick will come in handy.

Did you ever try to keep track of all the bath towels and who they belong to? Well, here is a great solution. Put a basket of clothes pins in the bathroom. Put everyone's name on one of the pins. When you take a towel, you put your clothes pin on the towel. That way you and everyone else will know that this is your towel. Also, if it is laying on the floor, Mom will know who did not hang up their towel. =)

I had a friend in Florida who had 6 children. They each were assigned a color. They had a towel and wash cloth, a cup, a tooth brush and I can't remember what else in their color. She would put their cups out on the counter with water or whatever they were drinking each morning. They knew which cup was theirs and they could come get a drink whenever. They did not worry about whose toothbrush was whose and it also solved the towel dilemma.


Tracy said...

I love the clothespin idea! We have four children, and they do all have a color, but when company comes, it's tough!

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clothespin idea. When we have company, there are racks on the back of the guest room door and also on the back of the bathroom door. I usually put a piece of masking tape across each towel with the name of the guest. But I like the clothespin idea better. Thanks!