Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flowers, Ghost Chicken and Sheep

My dear sweet man brought me home a bouquet of flowers and a luscious dessert as well. Here is a picture of my flowers. The daffodils are from our yard.

My sheep came running to see if I had a treat for them. They are all 3 very pregnant. The one on the right is the most bagged up. Her name is Charity. She will probably go first. Sunshine, who is in the middle will probably go next. She is bagging up as well. Grace, on the left, is just starting to bag up. It seems weird to me to have so few animals on the farm right now. I really miss my goats. Baby goats were the highlight of my year.

I thought this picture turned out neat. I went to take a picture of a chicken sitting there and it took off. It looks like a ghost chicken.

Here is one of my hyacinths coming up. It looks like it is going to give me 2 blooms.

Here are a couple of shots of some of my daffodils. I have taken 2 bouquets for the house and have given 2 away.

This one shows our lane. They are blooming all up and down it.

This last picture is for Ginny. This is her namesake. We named our first cat Ginny because the real life Ginny laughed so hard about me having a cat because I do not like them. This is her son, Gino.


Unknown said...

What an extremely handsome cat! He has style and attitude. And a very nice pose, too. I give that cat 5 stars! :-D

LadySnow said...

Lovely pictures. :D But I am not sure about that cat. ;)

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
All of your flowers are SO beautiful! And your animals are precious...The ghost chicken included lol (-;

Sharri said...

What a sweet hubby! To bring you flowers AND a dessert! He rates a 10!
And that cat...well, let's just say that I wouldn't DARE say anything about how ornery it looks! LOL
Loved the ghost chicken pic too!