Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It is LATE April!!!

I knew it was supposed to get down into the upper 30's last night. I was prepared for that. My sweet husband made sure I had wood to build a fire this morning if I needed one. I was not expecting to see snow on the ground though... It is April 29th. Our last frost date is in 2 weeks.

Actually this made me think back to when Joshua was young. We lived in Florida for quite a few years. When Michael got a job with his current company, we still lived in Florida. Their headquarters was up in Ohio though. The first 5 or so years they would send him up to Ohio in April for training. Since we had lots of family here, he would drive up and they paid him for miles traveled. They liked the arrangement because they did not have to pay for airline tickets, hotels, most meals or a rental car. We liked it because we were actually paid to go visit family. Every year, Joshua would pray for snow. His birthday is April 21 (late April) and that was usually when we were up here in Ohio. Every year, God answered his prayer. I think one year it was just flurries, but usually there was enough that he could scrape it off of something and make a snowball. Joshua prayed for snow and they all prayed he would go home, so that the snow would go away. =) So, when I woke up and saw this snow I wondered what child was visiting from the sunny south and had prayed to see a bit of snow. I will welcome it for their sake. =)

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The Stricklands said...

What a sweet story! I pray that all of my children will be enthralled by snow forever. I have been meaning to write to you about a wonderful adoption site. It is where God showed us our sweet son Mason. If you are interested, you can email me at
rstrick1 at suddenlink dot net
I remember reading in one of your earlier posts that you sold grain mills. Do you still sell them? I am needing one in the next few weeks. Have a precious blessed day!