Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quiet Sunday Stroll

Our fellowship met at our house today. The ladies and older gal decided to take a walk around the property. The Gal and I share a love of flowers and plants and animals. While we were walking, I looked down and saw this violet in my front yard. The Gal asked if she could pick it. Isn't it pretty? She called it an albino violet.
Here are a couple of Dogwood blossoms starting to open up.

You can see the changes in the Wisteria buds every day. Some of them are loosening up and starting to open. We are supposed to go below freezing this week. I hope it survives. I plan on covering it. Last year we had a shortage of apples and other fruits in this area because of a freeze. I pray that does not happen this year.

Here is one of my lilacs starting to flower. This is very exciting for me because these plants are about 5 years old. They have never bloomed and never thrived. I moved them last year to another location and evidently, it is one they approve of. =)

The birds are singing loudly right now. We went out and caught some of the lambs so one of the ladies could hold them. Psalty is a little porker. He is very round and very heavy compared to all the others. =)

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Unknown said...

Boy, those violets look really nifty. I can't wait to see those wisteria blossoms!