Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Lamby Sweetness

Today was another hectic day. The co-op truck came this morning. This order was huge. It was twice the size of my biggest order to date. There must have been at least twenty 50 lb. bags of different items. People are really stocking up on grains and staples. I was so glad my son was home to help me unload the truck. Then I had to get the paperwork all together and then sort the order. I was just dead tired today. I could have fallen asleep standing up. The Wonderful Neighbor children came over to bring us some cards. They went out to see the lambs. I had left the gate to their pen open in case Sunshine wanted to get out and graze. They came in and told me that Sunshine was stuck in the middle pen and hollering, the little ram lamb was out in the pasture crying for her and they could not find the little ewe lamb. I went out with them. We unplugged the fence and the 2 oldest children went in the pasture. One caught the little ram and the other was looking under the hay racks for the little ewe. The 2 little guys went into the shed with me. I went in to calm down Sunshine and open her gate a bit more to see if she wanted out. The 2 little guys went into the empty stall. One hollered that the little ewe lamb was over there. He picked her up and handed her to me. The only way she could have gotten in there was to crawl under the gate. The gate looks like it could be no more than 3 inches off the ground. =) Someone told me to name her Houdini. They handed me the ram lamb and I locked all 3 in the center pen. Tonight when we went to do chores, we pulled more bedding away from the gate and opened it wider. We led the little lambs out and Sunshine followed them. She took them outside. Here are a couple of videos we took. The growly noise you hear is the automatic focus. I don't know how to make it stop doing that. Also, don't forget to turn off the music in the sidebar.


Unknown said...

Oh, how cute! Sunshine's udder is HUGE! I don't know how they can walk with those things. LOL!

Pearl said...

I love your posts on baby animals.
So sweet.