Saturday, April 05, 2008

Prophecy Matters Today!!

We are doing a Bible study with friends. It is on Revelation. One of the things that the introduction brought out was the fact that prophecy is very important to today, because it should affect how you live today. Jesus is coming back one day!!! (Even so come quickly Lord Jesus). If you knew for certain that He was coming back tonight or in the morning, what would you need to do? Are there phone calls you would have to make? Is there something between you and someone else that needs to be made right? That is how we need to be living every day. What were the last words you and your husband spoke before he left for work? When you son went down to help the neighbor, how was your attitude and reactions with him? What about the friend who let you down, or the friend you let down? Do you have a clear conscience and peace that all is well with those around you? Are you using the talents and gifts that God gave you? Are you going to hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant?"

I knew that my Mom had a heart to help others. I did not realize how far her ministry reached until she died. I stood in the receiving line at her funeral hearing one after another tell me how my Mom had ministered to them and touched their life. How she faithfully made phone calls or lunch dates with a new widow, or crocheted a warm shawl for an older woman who felt alone, or sat at the hospital with a friend whose husband was in major surgery, and I could go on and on. She was found faithful. I got the gift of talking on the phone with my Mom for an hour on the day before she died. She was very healthy (or we thought she was). She just did not wake up the next morning. She had just finished an afghan for my cousin and mailed it the day before she died. I treasure that last call with her.

Over on the blog My Life In Bits and Pieces, Perri just lost a good friend. The day she died, they got to spend together. This friend had some health issues and she had other heart attacks. They enjoyed the day together. She received that gift of joyful time spent fellowshipping. That evening Cheryl had a heart attack and did not survive. When Perri opened up the paper that evening, there was a picture of her friend helping someone. If you click the link I gave it tells about it. This happened about an hour before she died. She was found being faithful. She was a foster parent and had adopted 2 of those children. She poured herself into those children and her husband. Pray for them, they have a big hole in their heart. Pray for Perri, she does too.

I want to be found faithful. Do you? Live today like it is your last day.

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Perri said...

Thanks Marci - I hope to be found faithful.