Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Slow Sunday at Home

I love the evenings on the farm. The lighting is softer and things start to settle down for the night. That is the time that the lambs normally run and jump. It is not good light for movie taking though. I will have to keep a close watch out and see if I can get some video of them jumping and playing with each other. It is truly one of the joys of farm life. Michael and I can stand there side by side, silent and enjoy watching the lambs at play. I have finally named these 2 lambs. Psalty and Pepper. They are brother and sister. It is amazing how much bigger they are than the other lambs that are 2 days younger.

This is Stew Beef or Stu for short. He is so cute. This is the color of jersey that I love.

Here is Charity with her two lambs. I still have not come up with names for them. I was thinking of Button and Bows, but I am still trying to decide. They are both girls, both black with silver tipped ears. The one has a bit of white back by her tail.
Here is Stu and Paddy (Hamburger Patty). They are watching me out with my camera. We moved their fence today so that they have lots of fresh grass to choose from.

My first tulips are blooming out back.

This is some of the buds on my Wisteria. I am not sure if these are leaf buds or flower buds. I am praying that it finally blooms this year.

Here is my Forsythia. It is not much more than a couple of sticks, but those sticks are blooming to beat the band. =)

Here is my bleeding heart coming up. It is planted in a barrel out in front.

I found my first violets of the season. My side yard will be covered in these delicate little blooms.

This is one of my comfrey plants. I have dug it up and given it away several times, but I must leave at least part of the root. I have a friend who is going to take some of it and the rest I am going to plant out by the sheep shed.

These trees are in the chicken yard. We think they are peach trees, but we have never seen actual peaches on it or at least none that get big.

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed my Sunday visit to your farm. The flowers are lovely and the animals looks so well taken care of. Have a Blessed week. Lisa