Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quick Farm Tour

Today was cloudy. There were times where the sun was shining brightly, and others where it went behind a cloud. Then toward late afternoon, darker clouds came in. I love the view of the sky we have behind the barn. Here is what it looked like earlier this evening.

Here were some of the darker clouds out to the east. Look at the tree line. You will see the different trees sending out their buds, blooms or leaves. This is a pretty picture when you look at the big version of it. You can do that by clicking on it.

Here are those peach(?) trees in the chicken area. The blooms are different colors on the different trees.

YIPPEE!!!! Our asparagus is coming up. I need to weed around it and then mulch. I was not too on the ball last fall or this spring.

The garlic is really growing. I am hoping for a banner crop this year.

This is a common weed around here. Someone questioned me via email if this was Self Heal. I was told by a botanist that it was called Heal All, which was a sister plant to Self Heal. I ahve been looking at pictures of both on line and now I am not sure this botanist was correct. =) I will keep looking and let you know.

Well, I got my answer from a comment someone left on the blog. I checked out the link and she was right. I will have to share this with the botanist. =) This weed is called Purple Deadnettle.

Thanks for walking around the farm with me. It's good exercise and I enjoy the company. =)


The Sisters said...

We enjoyed our "walk" around your farm this evening! strangely (being that we are pretty far away from each other) it seems that we had the same type of weather today!

~Have a nice night!


LadySnow said...

I should have known that "weed" was good for something. I think I remember a Thompson girl saying....."Everything is an herb!" As she rolled her eyes. ;)

TnFullQuiver said...

It must be hard thinking of moving away from such a beautiful farm. We sometimes think of selling our farm and moving to another farm in the area. Just the thought of moving the animals and leaving the fruit trees, and fences, and raised beds...and on and on...leaves me not wanting to move anywhere.
grace and peace,

Spinneretta said...

It's purple deadnettle. Lamium purpureum

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Beautiful pictures! I love asparagus!

Unknown said...

I love that second picture. Purty!

I believe that Spinneretta is right, it looks like deadnettle to me, too. I looked it up online and found many pictures of it.

Spinneretta said...

*grin* I knew because not only is it VERY prevalent in my own garden, but my kids have to know what every single flower is called. Even purple weeds :) Glad I could help!