Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Leaping Lambs

Ok ladies... Now I have never been pregnant, but I have watched many pregnant women when they get down to the end and their baby is due any day. No offense, but they tend to waddle and getting in and out of chairs seems to be a chore. Well, if you remember me telling you that Charity the sheep looks like she is imminent to give birth you will be amazed at what she is capable of. She is the lighter of the 2 more active ones in this video. Also, at the end, you can really see Sunshine's and Charity's udder and how big they have gotten.

Well, Michael spied our first dandelion of the season. I really don't mind dandelions. I don't look at them as weeds, but more as an herb, food or flower. =) Good thing I don't think they are weeds, because my yard will be full of them.

Look how perfect. A loving Creator made a billion of these and they all look alike. What are the chances of that?

Here is my Forsythia getting ready to bloom.

These are the 3 calves up near the house. The spotted one, Clover is a heifer calf.

These last pictures are ones that Michael took in the chicken coop tonight when he went to close them in.


Paula said...

Thanks for the video! I long to have animals again. And I agree with you about missing your goats. Even though our ladies have been gone for several months, once in awhile I expect to see them when I go outside - and they're not there Enjoyed seeing pics of your animals in the previous post, as well. And congratulations on 29 years!!!!! At times, aren't you just blown away with God's merciful blessings?

Anonymous said...

Nifty video! And I really enjoyed the pictures of the chickens. :-D

Anonymous said...

last night regina and i gave each other pedicures and that was great fun. regina's a pretty good pamperer. :) i love the pics of your farm... my dream is to live on a farm someday. -meg

Peggy said...

Love visiting your farm and seeing all the animals!

Sharon said...

Thank you for all the beautiful pictures you post of your farm.

We have some dandelions also and they don't bother me either. I always think of them as pretty little flowers. Same for the wild violets that are really in abundance on our property. I'll try to get some good photos today and post later.

I only had one child, but never felt like jumping around like your ladies out there. :D

The Stricklands said...

What a joy it must be for you to be surrounded by your fun animals. I am still looking for an old farmhouse in the country for our family. Keep those wonderful pictures coming - they inspire me to look harder!

Sharri said...

How neat that you caught her leaping! :0)
Was that pigs I heard oinking in the background??

The video makes me long for a farm. :0)