Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More of This and That

Today was a good day. I had not only the joy of Brad's company, but Brittany was here today doing laundry. Her and Brad had a nice long chat and visit. Brad has an older sister just a year younger than Brittany. He and his sister are good friends and they talk a lot together. Brittany has a brother just about Brad's age. I think this made it easy for them to visit.

We have had aspargus coming in hot and heavy. I decided to put some in the freezer, so we can enjoy it later in the year. We picked our first asparagus of the year on Friday evening. We have had it twice for dinner and I was able to freeze 8 quarts today. I also had a jar of beef broth and 2 jars of chicken broth in my fridge. I canned those, so they could go on the pantry shelf.

I think tomorrow I need to make cookies. I was going to make them and have here for Brad and have not gotten to them yet. Michael asked me about them today. Seems he is really glad Brad is here and thinks that BRAD really needs some cookies or at least that is what he is saying. :)

Here is a picture of Molasses and Clover.

Here is Buttercup. She is due to have her calf on May 15th.

Brad has been a real blessing. This morning my Sister-in-law called and I was talking to her. Brad had breakfast and then went out and did all the morning chores by himself. Here he is shoring up our movable chicken pen. Once he and Michael get it fixed up, we will put the chicks in the field.

Our pasture is very lush and looking good.

I found a couple of these today. I think it is Wild Mustard.

I wish my pictures of the Dandelions came out a bit clearer. They are so intricate when you really look at them. Our Wonderful Creator put a lot of detail into them.

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Sharri said...

NOW I know why Mike wanted Brad to come! COOKIES and goodies! LOL