Saturday, April 18, 2009

More New Lambs

Tonight Pepper had twins. I am really surprised because this is the first time a yearling ewe has had twins on our farm. One was a ewe and one was a ram. They are both even smaller than the other little ram lamb. They are ADORABLE!!! They were born early this evening. They are still wet here in the picture. The little ewe is on the right and the little ram on the left. Aren't they cute?

Here they are with their momma.

She is spotted. I know this can change a lot though.

Here are all the sheep seeing if we are going to give them hay or something. We came out to see the new babies and they think it is time for hay.

Another picture of them with their momma.

Here is a short video of the sheep pasture. We had friends over and you can here them talking some in the background.


The Sisters said...

They are so sweet!

stacy said...

there is nothing so precious as a new lamb! how fun!