Monday, April 06, 2009

Four Naked Sheep!!

The sheep were sheared on Saturday. John and his brother Sardis came and trimmed hooves and sheared them for us. They did a great job. Sardis is on the beginning end of being a shearer, but has already done quite a few and been to sheep shearing school twice. Here are a few pictures of the young men shearing and trimming hooves.

If you saw their picture a couple of days ago, you saw how fluffy they were. Now, they look like little lambs again. All four are showing an udder, so they are bred. Now, I am anxiously awaiting lambs.

Someone asked on the last sheep post on what we do with the fleeces. We have sold some, given some as gifts, spun some, had some just made into roving to spin.

Here are a picture of the cows. Buttercup who is off by herself is due to calve in May. I am ready to have that good jersey, grass fed milk again. Clover (the spotted Jersey... YES, she IS a jersey) is due in September. She is a heifer, so this is her first calf. Molasses, the darker one is due in October we hope. We are not sure she if she is bred or not.

Here is a picture of the cat sleeping on top of a birdhouse on my front porch.

Sedum and Hyacinth

Here is the flowering Crab Apple tree. The leaves are really coming out on it. I hope our plants make it. Today we had snow off and on. :)

This is the Bradford Pear tree.

Here is a picture to show you how fast those Orange Day Lilies grow. They are almost as big as the daffodils now.


The tulip out back has 3 buds. It should be blooming soon.

Here are the buds on one of our apple trees.

I love this little patch of Daffodils. The centers are a bit darker than the outer part.

We were looking out back in the garden area. We are always scouting for asparagus. We found a few onions that we must have missed last year. :)

I was helping Michael move the sheep fence, so I placed the eggs in my pockets. Here is one side full of eggs. I am always afraid I will forget and have scrambled eggs in my pocket. I have done that before.

Joshua and Brittany were here for a bit on Sunday. I had strawberries and a wonderful recipe to try. Brittany made the crust and I made the rest. It was/is delicious!!! I will post the recipe separately. I have another recipe to share as well.


April said...

Do the sheep not mind being sheered? If nothing else I would think they would not like to hear the sound of electric sheers.

I love the pictures of your plants responding to spring. Tonight we are to get a hard freeze and I am worried I may not get any fruit this year from my fruit trees as a result. They were already budding. Time will tell.

Nickie said...

That cat of yours looks like it is going to fall off any moment lol :)

Pretty music you have playing.

Perri said...

I was scrolling along and Ryan saw the dessert and went, "Whoa, whoa, whoa what was that?" I think we will be making that recipe.

Sharon said...

I was wondering the same thing as the sheep seem to mind the shearing? Do they squirm a lot?

I laughed when I saw your cat on top of the birdhouse. Just waiting for that snack!

Strawberries are favorites around here! :)

The Dischers said...

Hi, Marci!

What a lovely blog you have. I love the sheep pics! That black and white jersey is so neat. I have never seen one with those colors.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We just realized that we never gave you the pico de gallo recipe!

We just kind of make it up as we go, so here's a shot at writing that down :)

A few large tomatoes, diced small.
A pepper, green or red or a little of both.
A medium onion, diced small.
About 3-4 garlic cloves minced.
Cilantro to taste maybe 6-7 sprigs.
Salt & pepper to taste.
About a TBS of sugar.

Mix it all up and add more or less of something as your family prefers it!

God Bless!
Beth Discher

The Stricklands said...

Hi Marci! It looks like Spring has come to the farm. Our weather goes from blizzard to 70 degrees to 70 mph winds. All of our spring plants are looking a little freeze-burned and wind-blown. I am hoping to really get our garden started next week. Have a blessed week!

Sharri said...

Nice Spring pictures!
I loved the shearing pics--do the sheep struggle to get away?

That dessert looks soooo goooooddd!