Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Evening with the Wonderful Neighbors

The Wonderful Neighbors had us over for dinner last night. We had some really good home made pizza. It smelled just like a restaurant when you walked in. They also had a lot of cut up veggies with dip.

There was some good baby lovin' time and I got some great pictures of her, but I was not sure if they wanted pictures on here, so just KNOW that they are darling. :)

The bigger ones went out after dinner and threw knives. They have a target area set up and a set of throwing knives. They took turns and had a good time. Here is Brad trying his hand at throwing.

Michael had to give it a try as well. The audience was sitting on a low ridge of Mt. Froggy!!
Here is Brad giving it another try!

Here are some of the audience members. As you can see the young man is totally in awe of me. :) I told him it looks like he is singing.

Here is Kyle showing us how it is done.
My little friend had to show me how he rides his bike down one of the steeper slopes of Mt. Froggy.
Here is a video showing Brad taking another turn. I wonder if his Mom is going to beat me.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome to put pictures of the girlie up...the neighbor mama