Thursday, April 09, 2009

Chicks Have Arrived!!

We order our chicks from Eagle Nest Poultry here in Ohio. We have been very pleased with the chicks that we get from them. We often get our turkey poults from them as well. The mailman will deliver them to our farm, but then they have to ride around all day with him until he gets here. This drives the mailman nuts (because of the noise) and it is also not too good for the chicks. One year, the mail lady got out and opened her trunk and the chicks were in there. She did not like to hear them, so she put them back there. Normally, I get a call around 7AM from the post office and before I say hello, I can hear the chicks in the background.

Today we received a batch of broiler chicks... 125 of them. This may be the only batch we do this year. Some of these will go in our freezer and most of them will go in someone else's freezer. When I got to the post office, I went into the lobby. The lobby is separated from the front desk by a glass wall and doors. I heard the chicks loud and clear as soon as I stepped in the lobby. :) The mailmen are ALWAYS so glad to see you. They thank you for removing the noise from their work space.

I took a short video of the chicks so you can hear how loud they are. Then I did another short video of them once I put them in the brooder. They sure are cute at this age. These chicks were born yesterday. They will be butchered on June 6th, Lord willing.

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Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci,
Jonathan just started incubating eggs today, and they will be our laying chickens. We won't get our broiler chicks until May. Good thing, as we still have snow on the ground!