Friday, April 17, 2009

Moon Over My Yammies

Ok, So I am goofy putting a title like that up. I don't even know if there was a moon out last night. :) My dear sweet Michael and I went on a date last night. There was a small trade type show about an hour from here. Several of the places I order from had booths set up and often give discounts if you order at a show. So, we went to see what they had to share. It is also nice to be able to see the actual merchandise before you order. Many times it is not like you thought. We placed our orders and then because an order was placed, they gave us two free tickets to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. They had to be used last night or tonight, so we went last night. We got home about 8PM. Michael went out back to close in the chickens. He came back to tell me that two of the sheep had their lambs. So, of course, I grabbed the camera and headed out there.

The first little lamb is a ram lamb. He is SO TINY!!!! I believe he is the tiniest lamb we have ever had here. I caught him and gave him the appropriate lovins'. Then Michael held him so I could get some pictures. Here is the little ram. I am not sure of what to name him yet. I still have all the names y'all suggested last year for my lambs. I will have to pull it up and see what I think.

This one was a bit bigger and she was a ewe. Michael caught her and I took her pictures. Then I gave her the appropriate lovins'. Then I put her down and started to walk away. She followed me. So, I walked closer to her momma and then started to walk away and she followed me where ever I went. Michael picked her back up and I left the pasture. He put her down near her momma and turned to leave. She followed him. :) So, he ran really quickly and she ran really quickly right after him. He went over the fence into the chicken area and then the momma ran over and got her baby.

I will be thinking of a name for this one as well. :) Aren't they cute?!?!?!


Teresa said...

Ahhh....too cute!
I was expecting a post about sweet potatoes vines. lol!
It's good to hear you had such a good time going to the trade show and the added bonus of a free dinner.

Queen Of Her Castle said...

Oh, these are SO cute!