Thursday, April 02, 2009

God is Waking Up Creation!!!

It is a gorgeous day today. The sun is shining down brightly and it is 67 degrees right now. There is a pretty brisk wind blowing. I went out to visit my friends in the yard again. :) I do this very often in the Spring. I love to see what is coming up, or how much more something has opened up, etc. Here is a picture of my chives. They are coming up nicely. I need to be faithful to cut these and dry them throughout the summer to have enough to use.

My sheep will be getting sheared on Saturday, Lord willing. Here is a before picture of them. Their wool is starting to come off on its own up around their head. Also, their wool is all puffed up because the wind is blowing on them. They look sort of raggedy in these pictures.

I don't think these are Spring Beauties, but I am not sure what they are. They are all over the grass in one area.

This is Purple Deadnettle. It grows everywhere around here.

I found some Dandelions on the south side of the house.

The Forsythia bush is covered in buds, but down at its base there are flowers. :) I have never seen it do that before.

Here are some Hyacinths that have come out. I have several different colors. These first ones are really pink, but the color does not show up to well on the picture. These smell so good. Michael picked one little blossom from the purple one and brought it in to me. I wanted to just stick it up my nose and keep it there.

These daffodils are growing in the woods. They have brambles all around them, so I usually don't get to pick any of them.

Here is another bunch growing on the edge of the yard and the woods.

I had a friend who wanted to see the Kombucha. She heard how everyone was so grossed out about it and wanted to see. Here are two of the three jars I have going. :)

I need to get to weeding in the herb garden. The weeds are sure coming hot and heavy. There are a couple of huge thistles starting. I need to get them while they are small. I keep looking for the asparagus, but when I looked on my blog to see when I found them last year, it was not until around April 22. I also want to till up the one side of the garden and plant some peas.

One of my friends is sending her son to spend 2 weeks with us. We are SO excited. He wants a taste of farm life to see if that is something he would like to do. We are getting a list of things together for him to do while he is here. We will have a batch of chicks here and we will probably wait to put them into the field until he is here. He already knows about gardens. We will have him help Michael muck out a barn or the coop to get a taste of the not so pleasant side of farm life. It will be good to have him here!!!


Queen Of Her Castle said...

Hi, Marci...Thank you for visiting my blog. This is my first visit to yours, and I'm enjoying it.

Have a wonderful Friday!


The K. Family said...

So what do you do with the sheep's wool? The pictures are so nice and I enjoy the reminder that sooner or later we'll have spring too!

Sharri said...

Yep, those girls need a haircut! :)

And, the picture sure were interesting of that mushroom stuff! LOL
(I'd better be careful what I ask for) And, I don't dare show them to Brad! It might keep him from coming!