Thursday, August 07, 2008

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!! =)

Today, we picked up turkey poults to raise for Thanksgiving Day!! I love to hear the peep of the baby turkeys. It is very different than the little chicks. Here is a picture of a few of ours.

They are a lot less skittish than the little chicks as well. I think that the turkeys have a lot more personality than the chickens do.

That is my husband's slave badge (I mean work ID... sorry). This is to show you how small they are. They were born today. We got all toms (which means boys). =)

Star loves babies on the farm. She is welcoming them with kisses.

Here they are out in the brooder. We picked fresh grass for them and gave them some of our cow milk after we milked this evening. They seem to like a bit more protein when they are started.

I will try to remember to give you updates on them. I am not sure you will want weekly updates because of how long they go, but remind me if too long of a period of time goes by without a picture.


The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
Those little baby Turkeys are so cute! They look like they would feel so soft! (;

`Have a good Friday!

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Thanks for posting about your turkeys. I've wanted to raise turkeys for meat, but I've been told by many people that they are difficult to keep alive. Maybe next year we'll try it.

Unknown said...

Okay. Too long of a period of time has gone by without a picture.




LadySnow said...

What kind of turkeys are BIL likes the heritage ones that are grey. I am sure you are very busy right now with the garden and everything. :D

Sharon said...

They are so cute! I loved the picture with Starr.