Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jonathan Park Goes To The Zoo

HE’S UNCOVERED MYSTERIES in ancient Mayan temples, searched for treasured manuscripts in the caves of Iwo Jima, survived a volcanic explosion, and battled bad guys of every size and stripe, and now Jonathan Park is going to the zoo. And he wants you to join him for a unique audio adventure that allows your family to travel to any zoo in America armed with a distinctively biblical commentary on one hundred of the most popular zoo animals!

What Do You Do?
Picture this: You are at the local zoo for a family home education outing. The animals you observe are simply amazing, but sign after sign and zookeeper after zookeeper interprets the creatures — their development and characteristics — from an anti-biblical, pro-evolutionist perspective. What do you do?
Or this: You are in the dentist’s office reading through books as you wait for your appointment with the doctor. The television set in the waiting room is broadcasting an episode of a popular animal show. The host of the show explains that the unique adaptations of the giraffe are the product of evolution and developed over millions of years. Your children are confused. What do you do? Solution: “Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo

Join Jonathan Park and his father on a virtual zoo excursion, exploring 100 wonders of the animal kingdom. Unique from the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure series, Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo is the perfect companion for family car rides or visits to your own local zoo. “See” God’s handiwork in everything from the rhinoceros hornbill to the Komodo dragon as Jonathan and Dr. Park dispel common evolutionist myths and highlight some of the most fascinating attributes that God gave each creature He designed. Filled with engaging animal noises and amazing scientific tidbits, Jonathan and his father take listeners on a zoo journey to remember. Every creature has a story that gives glory to God!
Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo contains over 200 minutes of exciting creation education on 4 CDs. This new release is now available for only $25.

How to Use “Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo”
• With your MP3 Player as a portable tour guide for your local zoo: Just download Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo onto your iPod or MP3 player and match each episode with the exhibits you are visiting (i.e. play the episode about the giraffe when you are at the giraffe exhibit.)
• With your home school program as a delightful and captivating supplement to any study of biology or zoology. Children love to learn about the creatures of God’s creation, and Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo allows them to study animals from a distinctively biblical perspective.
• For family time. Whether you are traveling in the car on a cross country trip, enjoying discussions around the dinner table, or trying to build a meaningful and entertaining listening diet for your family, Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo allows families to laugh, learn and grow as they are studying
• As a defense against evolutionary thinking: Whether through animal shows on television or the commentary found at your local zoo, children are barraged with evolutionary propaganda. Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo brings one hundred of the most popular zoo animals to life, teaching children to articulate a creationist response to common evolutionist myths.

Introducing the Jonathan Park Communicator Watch

“Live the adventure” yourself with the new Jonathan Park Communicator Watch! This watch is a Phillips family favorite and the perfect tool for any aspiring Creation Response Team member. Give the “Go!” command from behind the front-yard hedge, or alert your comrades to an ambush across the park. Fully functional as a both a digital watch and two-way radio, and emblazoned with the Jonathan Park logo, these watches offer Jonathan Park fans hours of enjoyment indoors and out. Two watches come to a box for immediate two-way communication fun!
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Come visit the exciting world of Jonathan Park with the Jonathan Park Adventure Pack. This special collection includes: Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo, The Jonathan Park Communicator Watch (2-Pack) and volumes I-V of the popular Jonathan Park Creation Adventure Series.
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Live the Adventure
Whether you are new to the Jonathan Park series, or a seasoned Jonathan Park fan, we hope these new resources provide your family with hours of enjoyment and instruction. May your family be encouraged by the wonders of God’s creation, and may the Lord be glorified as you “live the adventure” for Him.

Here are some samples to listen to. (Don't forget to turn off the music in the sidebar!)

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