Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Product Highlight

On Thursdays I plan on highlighting a product that we carry in the General Store. This will give people a chance to hear about why we chose to carry that product.

Today I want to talk about the Stainless Steel Norpro loaf pan. I prefer to cook with stainless steel or glass. I have many older glass baking pans from when I got married. I just read an article that you can see here about dangers in some glass bakeware in recent years. After reading that article I will probably only buy stainless steel for now. *One of the things I want to add about this article is the last part says if your glassware is older than 1998 it is probably OK. * Norpro pans are noticeably different. The loaf/bread pan has a nice lip on it which makes it easy to handle and get the loaf out, even while it is hot. You can feel that this pan is more sturdy and of a heavier gauge of stainless steel than the run of the mill pans. I had a friend buy a couple to try out and she came back and ordered several more.

I use pans this size for my bread making, meatloaf, and even to heat up left overs the next day.

These are available at the General Store, along with other items made by Norpro.


Sharon said...

Thank you for the link to the Pyrex info. I have never had a problem with mine, though I have always taken care not to expose it to extreme temperature changes.

Your bread pans look very nice. I may order one in the future to try out.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great idea to highlight a product once a week!

Mary said...


Enjoyed the review. I have never had a problem with Pyrex but that may because I always let it cool thoroughly before I put it into the refrigerator and NEVER take it from the freezer and place it in the oven.

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