Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend, but a lot was accomplished. We had out of town guests coming and we were not sure if they were coming on Sunday or Monday. On Saturday, one of the local towns had a festival to celebrate the life of Dan Emmett. They have an old time fiddle contest, a banjo contest and this year they started a flat pick guitar contest. We had friend's children who played in all 3. We were only able to stay for the fiddle contest though since we had so much to do. I really wish we could have stayed until the end.

We had to go deliver one of our cars to a new mechanic to see if he can figure out what is wrong with it. It will run pretty good for awhile with just little rough spots, and then you go to start it the next time and it won't start.

We went out to an orchard to get some peaches. We were actually going to order them for this coming Saturday, but they had some there and they said they were not taking any more orders, so we got what they had. I was going to can them, but a friend told me that they peel and slice them and then stir in a little honey and freeze them. She said they are so much better that way.

We are getting a few tomatoes but are also having a bit of trouble with blossom end rot. I will be making a milk spray to spray on the plants.

My pole beans are getting some beans. Oh, they taste so sweet. I eat them raw in the garden. There is a distinctly different flavor in the pole beans. They are my favorite.

My cabbage is bullet ridden... not really, but it looks sad. I need to put some more salt on them.
The Wonderful Neighbors had us over to enjoy their bonfire with them a bit on Saturday night. The weather here has been just delightful. Normally, we are in the VERY hot, humid dog days of summer. It has not hit the 90's in awhile and the evenings are in the high 50's or lower 60's and very pleasant. When we walked over there, I put on a lightweight long sleeve over shirt and it felt really good.

I will tell about our out of town guests in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

Would you please tell me about the milk spray you are going to make? We are also having a problem with blossom end rot. Thankyou!