Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weird George And Pantry Progress

I was outside this evening picking tomatoes. They are starting to turn red. I had to go and open the door for Michael so he could put a set of wooden shelves in the pantry room. After I opened the door, I looked down and saw this fellow on a little stem sticking up in the grass. He is very large and very mean looking. =) He might be really friendly, but I am not going to find out. My WN friends are going to look him up for me. He may be a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar. I know that the Hummingbird Moths are Sphinx Moths. That would be really neat if it was one of those.

We have the 2 sets of wire shelves up in the new pantry. Today, we got the wooden shelves in there and I am starting to transfer my pantry and set it up. I will take pictures soon. We used to have a bulk food store on our farm. I sold lots of bulk herbs and spices as well. I have LOTS of jars left over. I found lids for them all and have offered them for sale around here. I hope I get rid of most of them. I kept the ones I thought I might need, plus a couple of extra. I have them in all shapes and sizes.

We have a lot to accomplish this weekend as well as a lot of produce to deal with. I am not complaining at all. I am thrilled to death with my bounty.


Anonymous said...


Go to Google images and type in 'Pandorus Sphinx Moth Caterpillar'. The first image looks like Weird George :o)


Theresa said...

It's looking good. I hope it is a hummingbird moth. They are so pretty!