Friday, August 15, 2008

Answers to Your Questions

I have not been real on the ball lately. There are things going on in life that have occupied my mind and heart. I have not been ignoring you though, so I thought I would answer some of the questions you have asked.

Melanie asked what type of turkeys do we raise. We raise the Broad Breasted White ones. We have never tried the heritage ones, but hope to some day. We have heard pros and cons and want to be sure before we try it.

Mary asked if my camera had a macro setting. She was trying to give me some help with the problems I have been having taking pictures. It does have a macro setting and that is what I have been using for close ups. I did get the book out and read some other things to try, so I will be doing that. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Nancy wanted to know about the milk spray I talked about spraying on my tomatoes. You use one part milk to 9 parts water. They really suggest you don't make it any stronger than that. You just spray the leaves really well. Some people use powdered milk, but we always have plenty of extra milk.

Teresa had a few questions about the peanut butter stirrer. The peanut butter IS harder to spread than the regular stuff you buy, but it tastes more peanuty and is better for you. =) You do not leave the stirrer lid on the peanut butter. You take it off, wash it and replace the lid that came with your peanut butter.

If I left a question out that you asked, let me know and I will try to answer it.


TnFullQuiver said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I know with your son's wedding just 2 weeks away, your hands must be pretty full right now. Take care!!
grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Joshua!

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

I haven't asked this question before (I don't think), but since you're answering questions....
Did I manage to miss the end of your series about how you came to be where you are, or did you discontinue it for lack of time?

We enjoyed reading all of your stories.

Take care,

fourkid said...

Does your milk spray attract a lot of flies?