Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life On The Farm

I read Perri's post over at My Life in Bits And Pieces about getting a dog. They are getting an Australian Shepherd which is what we have. So, I thought I would write about our dogs. We have noticed a new behavior in our dogs. They are finding little hiding places to lay in. They have never been in the habit of doing this. Star will be 11 in October and Belle will be 6 in September. Belle has now picked under the piano bench as her "den". =) She has to get down and do a sort of army crawl, but in she goes.

We have a portable dish washer... (OK, I heard all those gasps) and that dishwasher is one of my hand maidens. Life is much easier with it around. We push it off in a corner behind the love seat. There is barely enough room for them to walk between the love seat and the dishwasher, but they some how manage to lay down back there. I guess it sounds like a normal behavior for a dog, it is just that our dogs have never done that.

I got my sauerkraut into the crock the other day. I took lots of pictures and somehow they all got erased off the camera. =) I followed Ginny's blog post on how to make it. I just tried to look up that post, but can't get it to come up. It is now in the crock and I need to check it every day to see how it is doing and to skim stuff off the top if I need to.

I have peaches in the crockpot right now. I am making crockpot peach jam. I also made cottage cheese today, but it came out a bit sour. I don't know if anyone but me will eat it. It took forever for the curds to separate this time.

We had just a tiny bit of sprinkles of rain. It did not even wet our ground. We are in desparate need of rain. If you feel led, we would appreciate any prayers for rain.

Yesterday, Michael was moving cows and a couple got out. They are experts at that. We will be glad to take those 2 to the butchers. The WN daughter came over to help us get them in. The one got his leg caught on the wire of the fence and started running with it. Unfortunately part of that wire was in my two hands. It burned across the finger on one hand and lifted up the side of my fingernail on the other. The fingernail part is very tender today. Next time, when I see them out, I will drop the wire. =)

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Anonymous said...

Our dogs always like hiding in different places but they are outside dogs though!