Saturday, August 26, 2006


Yesterday I pickled my beets and canned that half bushel of green beans that was on the floor. I did not get to the tomatoes, and I did not get to them today either. I guess they are Monday's project now. Our home fellowship is meeting at our house tomorrow, so I need to finish getting everything ready. I had a friend give me a huge bunch of mint that grows like crazy on their farm. I have it hanging from my beam to dry. I also picked some sweet annie today and hung it up to dry. I have onions to slice and put on the dehydrator. I will probably do that first thing Monday morning and put it out in what used to be my store. That odor fills the whole house and makes your eyes water. =) The next planting of corn will be ready this coming week as well. Many of my friends are buying their apples and making their sauce, etc. We like to make our applesauce from 2 parts Golden Delicious and 1 part Jonathan. They are not ready yet, which is good, as my hands are full. It has not been overwhelming, but it keeps coming on steady and I am able to get it put up. I have been taking a new liquid vitamin and it has really kept me going. I am thrilled with it. I have not had much energy before I started taking it, but now I just seem to keep going. It gave my friend real pep. She said it felt like she drank a bunch of Mountain Dew, but did not have the jitters she would get with that. Just lots of vim and vigor. I have not had the big surge of "Let's go run a mile", but I have been able to keep on going without sitting down, etc. I have had much more energy that is just steady.

We have good friends that just had another baby. You can see his picture at He is adorable. I love the picture of his brother Miles holding him.

The first picture above is sunset over a friend's farm. The next one is her horse peeking out of the barn. The last picture is of our barn on Friday morning. We had some fog out there.


Sandra said...

You always share the best photos....LOVE them :)

Kelli said...

Oh, I'll have to show Grace the horse picture. :0)
Your barn in the fog is gorgeous!!!