Sunday, August 06, 2006

August is a Busy Month

August seems to be a busy month. We are trying to stay on top of the garden, picking produce and then putting it up. We got our first 3 early girl tomatoes. We have gotten a few grape tomatoes, but these were our first big eating tomatoes. Oh, they taste so good when they are fresh from the garden. We are still getting a few cucumbers, but the vines are dying off. The zucchini are totally gone. The yellow squash still has squash and lots of blooms. The patty pans are slow, but still growing well. I have all sorts of blooms on my birdhouse gourd plant. I have never grown them, but I am really excited and hope to be able to dry some and turn them into bird houses. The corn is just about ready. We are going to pick one today and test it.

We have picked green beans, but have still not picked all of the plants. We planted a row and a half and then another row for a second planting, but only about 1/4 of that row came up. We have not hit every plant once, and have already had a ton of green beans. I have 16 quarts canned, and have another batch all snapped and ready to go, that will probably be another 16 quarts. I am hoping for 40 quarts total. I have frozen them in all past years. Before we had a garden, I always bought frozen. My Mom bought frozen. However, I heard a little comment that set me to wondering. So, I asked Michael if I were not home and he went to the store to get green beans for him and Joshua to eat, would he buy canned or frozen. He thougth a minute and then said canned. He thinks that the frozen ones are a bit tougher. =) So, this year I am canning them.

The 2 top pictures are of last nights sky. It was gorgeous. The pinks were incredible. I had to run back in and get my camera. By the time I came out, some of the spots had already faded away.

The last picture is of Cookies-N-Cream. He was one of my triplet ram lambs, that Sunshine had. One was all brown (Chocolate), one was all white (Vanilla) and this guy is whitish with black spots all over, so we named him Cookies-N-Cream. They all stay laying down until I get out there to chore. Then they get up and start asking for their morning hay. We give them a bit of hay to offset all the fresh green grass they eat. It tends to keep them from having the scours.


Tina Leigh said...

Marci I am amazed at what God does with the area I live in. We have been having such pretty sun rises & settings here & it seems God has been sending so many wild critters here lately that Danny & I have been keeping the camera ready! I think sometimes that I am the only one who appreciates these things so HE does them just for me! Then I see your blog pictures & think "well HE loves Marci too & she likes it ALL as much as me!!"!

Marci said...

Tina, I think nature is one of the best ways that God shows us His love. He could have made it a black and white world and we would have never known. In fact, heaven is supposed to be so much better, I can't even imagine how it can get better!!!!

I loved the pictures of the deer you got. That was really something to see.

Lori said...

I love the pictures of the sky. How peaceful.