Friday, August 18, 2006

More Major Blessings

I want to publically PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! We decided to try and put up our own hay this cutting using borrowed equipment. There were friends wanting to help (in fact they are the ones who worked out borrowing the equipment). They came over last night and started to rake it and bale it. It took awhile to figure everything out and get all the tractors hooked up and going. It started to get a bit dark and the dew was falling, so they quit. We got up this morning and there was a short sprinkle, with more rain called for. We prayed and told the Lord it was His hay, and if we weren't supposed to get it in, then He had other plans for us and that was OK. However, if He saw fit, would He help get the hay dry and hold off the rain. Michael took a half day off of work to come home to start on it. It was very overcast and looked like rain. Then the sun came out for a bit and the rain has held off. They are out there working on the hay and have most of it already done!!!!!

When the guys were over here last night working on hay, some of their girls had come inside to sit and talk with me. They saw my beans and corn sitting there in the floor for today. They called today and they were doing some of their corn and beans. They said there kitchen was already going to be messy, so they came and got me, my corn and my beans. I got home around 3PM with my 18 quarts of corn ready for the freezer and my beans are almost all snapped. God sent me someone to not only pick them, but to help me process them. That is a big deal when you are faced doing it all alone. I never once complained or anything. I just knew what I had to do and planned on doing it alone. God is SO GOOD!!!!!

Picture is a couple of my sunflowers out back. I tried to put up more pictures, but blogger has not been letting me put pictures on and I have had to try different ways to get them to show up.


Kelli said...

How wonderful that God held back the rain and you were able to get most of the hay up!
And what wonderful friends you have. I'll bet you had a fun afternoon visiting and canning!

Peggy said...

God is Good! And so are our friends. Loved reading about your blessings