Sunday, August 06, 2006

Baby Birdhouse Gourds

I planted 2 birdhouse gourd seeds at the bottom of each of four legs of a tepee. I was so disappointed that only 2 (and both on the same leg) came up. I resigned myself to getting a couple of birdhouse gourds to play with. My friend, Ginny who has grown them before told me not to worry that it would more than take over the entire tepee. She was SO right. These plants are HUGE. There are tons of flowers, so I will probably get quite a few gourds. The first picture is one of the baby gourds that has started. The next picture is of some of the curly-Q tendrils. These have inspired country artists and tole painters as they paint vines or flowers. I have always been afraid I would add too many, or they would have too many curls. Well never again!!! This plant has given me artistic freedom. They are everywhere and some of them are really long and curly.

The next picture shows my pole beans on their tepees and also the birdhouse vine which is in on the right of the picture. You can see Michael's corn in the background.

The first of the super tall sunflowers has opened her face to the sun (just like I am to keep my face to the Son!!). This particular plant is only supposed to be about 4' tall. However, I am standing in front of it looking up to take this picture. I am 5'7" so this sunflower has to be at least 6.5'.

The last picture is of my bush balsams. They really draw the bees to the garden. They are very different flowers. They get big seed pods, so I will be saving seeds for next year as well.


Kristi said...

The sunflower caught my eye. It's really beautiful. But I don't know that I've ever seen one that color. Do they bloom that color and then turn yellow or this a certain kind?


Tina Leigh said...

Marci I love the garden! The sunflower is beautiful! Yes the vine is really pretty too! Yall have more than green thumbs out there, you've got green hands!!!

Marci said...

Kristi, this is the color the sunflower will stay. I figured since they all got so tall, that the only ones that grew were the big yellow skyscraper ones. Now, I am not sure what is what? =)

Tina, we have had lots of hot humid weather and enough rain. That makes a big difference. Part of what you see in the garden picture is our crop of weeds!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci! I grew some of the deep maroon sunflowers last year. I think they were called Autumn Beauty. Mine also grew a lot taller than expected. Another sunflower that I grew was called Lemon because it was such a pale yellow color. I'm so thankful the Lord gave us all of these beautiful flowers to enjoy!

~Karen TN said...

Marci, is Bush Balsam the same as "Touch Me Nots"? I have some of them and they always multiply and come up the next year.
I like the music with your blog. How did you do that? I guess since I can't even get pictures to go in a row, I wouldn't be able to do music either..LOL

Marci said...

Clara, my friend's mother called them Touch Me Nots. I wonder how they got that name? Because of the all the bees?

Patty said...

oh its still so green and pretty at your place.
I have never tried growing those gourds but several of my friends have and they enjoyed them so much. Making bird houses with them

Kelli said...

I love the sunflower photo! Your baby gourds are so cute!

patsy said...

the one flower i call touch-me-nots i have. i liked to grow gourds. in the old days they planted them around out building and used them for all sorts of things. they make great blue bird houses. you garden looks really good.