Thursday, August 03, 2006

Animals and Hot Weather

I always feel bad for the animals when it gets this hot. The goats have taken to laying out in the shade in their pasture. This gives them lots of breeze if there is any, yet no sun directly on them. The top 2 pictures are my 3 goats. Honeysuckle and Magnolia are in the top picture and Sun Rae is the next picture.

My sheep I really feel sorry for. Here they have a wool coat on in this heat. However, they lay in their shed and pant heavily. We put lots of fresh cool water and electrolytes in the water for them. When the first cool morning of fall comes, you will see them out there jumping and leaping around in the absolute joy of the day.

Here is one of the supposed garden friends. They get lots of insects, but I sure hate running into them when I am weeding or such.


Patty said...

makes me want goats again when I see yours !

Kelli said...

Poor little things! I hope it cools down for them soon.

Tina Leigh said...

Oh I love the sheep! I would love to have some! Yes I feel for the animals this time of year too. It is so hot!!