Monday, June 01, 2009

We had Farm Helpers Tonight!!

The Wonderful Neighbors came over and helped us milk tonight. I asked the little WN boys if they would feed the calves for me. They agreed. Here are a couple of pictures.

You can see the movement of the tail on the calf on the right. They swing from side to side the whole time you are feeding them.

Then the 2 bigger WN children milked the cow with a short try for the 2 little guys.

They did a great job. They milked out about 3 1/2 gallons.

I had 2 different people leave comments asking for tips on buttermaking. I have been making my butter in my DLX, after hearing that a friend made hers in the Bosch. :) The DLX works really well. I put the roller and scraper in and the butter works its way up the roller. There are just some butter buds floating in the butter milk. After draining the buttermilk, you can add water in the DLX and let it go again, but I usually put it in a little plastic cheese strainer that I have. I put it in a bowl sitting on top of a canning jar ring to keep it up off the bottom of the bowl. After it quits dripping, I pour off that milk and then run cold water over the butter and let it drain again. I work it a bit with my hand. I can't seem to get enough buttermilk out using the back side of the wooden spoon. After I feel the buttermilk is out (usually after a couple of rinsings), then I add salt and work it in with my hand. In years past I have just made butter balls that were small. If they were small they would keep on the counter for a couple of days without going sour. This year, I started measuring it with a half cup measuring cup and then put it away that way. I wrap each one in saran wrap and then put in a freezer bag that I mark the month on. If I fill more than one bag in a month, I just put the month and #2. I really don't like using the saran wrap or the plastic bags, but have not come up with a good option yet. I do re-use the bags. I cross out the month and write the name of the current one on it. If you have more specific questions, please ask them!!


Anonymous said...

Boy, you've got cute neighbors. (smile) WN Dad says to tell you they got 4 1/2 gallons, not 3 1/2. And thank you for the milkshakes they were "wonderful".

WN Mama

LadySnow said...

Look at all those great helpers!

Jenna said...

We have a butter churn, but have unfortunatly never been able to use it...once our jersey freshens, we'll be butter making as well! I look forward to that:)


Nancy said...

I also make my butter in the mixer and then take it out and work it by hand. It doesn't take as long as working it with a wooden spoon or paddle. I don't use the butter churn because it takes a lot longer. If I don't have much cream I shake it in a jar which only takes a few minutes.

Nancy said...

What wonderful helpers! Your post about multi-generational farming really hit home. That is our greatest concern in continuing on the farm now that our children are grown. I would appreciate any and all prayers about this matter.

Cheri said...

I wrap my butter in wax paper and drop however many butter balls will fit into a gallon zip lock. Keeps them fresh but not laying against plastic.
PS I roll my butter into 1/2 or 1 lb balls and mark the outside of the zip lock so I know what size I'm working with... :)

Anonymous said...

Could you wrap the butter balls in cheese cloth squares and store them in a glass "tupperware" style storage container? Then you'd mark the container with masking tape that has the date on it(like you do with the ziplocks).
I don't know if it would work or not-just an idea....