Thursday, June 04, 2009

Feed Me More!!!

I wish there was a way to feed the bottles and also take a video of the calves. Maybe tonight, I will have Michael feed them and I will video it. They are so cute. They are DESPERATE for food. You would think that we never feed them. They are searching with their mouths for the nipple. They obviously are so deliriously happy that it is feeding time, they forget to use their eyes. Then as they suck away with all their might, those little tails are just swinging from side to side. They move their rear ends around and dance. When it is not flowing fast enough to please them, they butt up like they do the momma cow's udder. All I can say is OUCH!!! They butt really hard. You have to make sure the end of the bottle is not up against you body. If it is you can expect some bruising.

Here is a short video of them after they are done with their bottles. They are really wanting more. At one point you can see my dog's nose peek in on the bottom left. She likes to lick them clean, but then she jumps out of the way as they try and see if she is another bottle or not. :) When they run off, you can see them sucking on each other looking for that milk. I have seen a calf take another calf's ear all the way into its mouth hoping it was a nipple.

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Emily said...

They are so precious! I love the sound of the birds chirping in the background.