Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This And That

The sheep are getting very wooly. Here are 3 of the babies. Rachael is on the left, the lightest one is Josiah and the darker one is Kyle.

Brittany came over for a little bit yesterday. She offered to help me with some things. What a blessing!!! We were getting the house ready to show last night. I have been keeping it up pretty good, so there was not a lot to do. We went out in the herb garden and did a bit of harvesting. Here is some peppermint and some fennel hanging to dry. We also harvested some chamomile. I dried the flowers in my dehydrator. It made the house smell really nice.

My dear sweet Michael surprised me with this bouquet. There are sunflowers, roses, lilies and these darker flowers. They are very unusual, but very pretty. Does anyone know what they are called?

My Mom gave me this pig probably around 20 years ago. I did not have it our for a long time and ran across it again. I love reminders of my Mom. I hung it in my kitchen. There is a hole in the top of the head to put a plant in. I am having a hard time finding a small house plant. I was thinking maybe Baby Tears or something like that. I also was thinking that maybe I could make it one of those string holders. I am afraid to try to drill a hole in the mouth for the string to come out. Has anyone ever drilled in a piece of ceramic like this?

I really encourage you to check out the link on the sidebar for Vista Print. I have had another friend try it out. She thinks it is a deal as well. I have literally gotten a lot of free stuff just for shipping costs. They do a great job as well. I have gotten t-shirts, a hat, car door magnets, business card magnets, pens, business cards, a stamper, a banner and other items. When I first tried it I could only get their designs for free, but I uploaded my own logos. They sent me emails that let me get custom stuff with my logos for free. I did pay $4.99 for some business cards, but they did a great job on them.


Jan said...

I found you by looking at listings for bluegrass music lovers...I am part of a family singing group, (mostly bluegrass) your life sounds very interesting from what I have read today.

Reviekat said...

I love seeing herbs hung about for drying! The girls and I have lavender and rosemary hung up to dry right now.


Needle, Thimble and Thread said...

instead of trying to put a hole in the pig, perhaps hollow a vertical groove in the wood near the base of the neck and have the string pass through there.

He's awfully sweet and I'd hate to see him fracture.