Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden Update

I know that things are growing, but sometimes it seems like it takes such a long time. :) Now, I sound like my friend Ginny. She would often plant seeds and call me the next day and moan that they were taking forever and nothing had come up yet. :) She was joking of course... well sort of....

Our green beans are doing great. They look wonderful and they seem to be growing the fastest of all.

The lettuce is coming up in patches. I am not sure why. We broadcast the seed on the whole raised bed. Here is one little patch.

Here are some of my sunflowers. I had planted them all in a neat row. Well, they got accidentally tilled up. I figured they would not even come up. Here they are though. I have no idea what order or anything. I planted several different kinds.

This is my flower bed. They seem to be coming up very slowly. I hope I get some flowers to pick before summer is over. :)
Here is the yellow squash. They are doing well. We planted zuchhini seeds in another hill, but they have not come up. I have some other seeds. I need to try them.

Here is our first picking of peas. I have never grown peas before. They grow very fast.

Today is also dairy day. Here is my butter draining. The milk is heating on the stove for the cheese.

I also had to share something that one of the Wonderful Neighbor boys said. It helps to make sense of the comments his mom left on this post. They were talking about us moving. He said that if we moved his whole life would change. Then he said... "We would have to buy a tiller!!" We share a tiller with them. :) At least I know as long as my tiller runs there is hope. Michael was tilling the other night and it stopped suddenly. I told him to get it started, because if it was broke, that particular Wonderful Neighbor boy would have his whole life changed. :) Hope you have a great day!!!


Renae said...

Your garden looks like it is doing very well! And nothing beats homegrown peas! YUM! And that butter looks very good, such a rich color! Enjoying your blog very much!

-Brad- said...

Don't kids say the best stuff? LOL

Your garden is coming along, your sunflowers will be a surprise!

How did those peas taste? I'll bet they were delicious! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Love your site, but please tell your friend Ginny I miss her and miss reading about her family and little farm.